Services and Development

Dedoc Software is a small independent company which specialises in building databases, booking diaries, accounting and training management software for diverse industries since 1991.

Our customers benefit from a comprehensive service including project management, software design, development, support and maintenance of the product we deliver at competitive prices.

All our applications are written with the user in mind and we always work with you to determine the exact requirements for your software, which can be web based, placed on a server or on a local computer.

Before delivery, our team thoroughly tests the program in our lab, followed by a trial run at your premises to ensure that it meets your requirements and it runs on your systems as you expected.

Documentation and help files are provided for all our releases, which can be placed either online or on your local computer.

All our products come with 12 month warranty. On delivery we install a complete, fully tested, documented working software on all of your business computers.

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